Investigation of adequate drone. #Part 1: Online stores.

Autonomous Drone project post

I wish you enjoyed my introductory post if not I am invite you to read it before this post. It contains the plan for this project.


Ah, the investigation… It took me half Saturday and half Sunday already. And to be honest I don’t know which drone I should buy not to mention which stabilization and control hardware I should use. I will try to find out it next week and I will let you know in my next blog post.

Today I will share with you my experience with drones and drone related parts online stores. I will try to summarise what I have learned in the last two days.


During my search I have noticed that significant number of online shops don’t keep their stock updated. I am looking for pretty small drone to start with, which will cost me maximum £400 including everything. But unfortunately in drones world it is not much. So when I have visited five first websites they had their stock empty with good but still cheap drones or the shipping time was around 14-28 days.

That being said, some people order drones from Chinese online retailers. In my opinion drone is a pretty quick thing with crazy fast rotating propellers and when bought cheap could do more harm then pleasure. Some with drone controllers, actually especially them buy at some well known store.


I have found two looking good online stores in UK and Ireland but also I think it is really worth to check list of stores recommended by Ardupilot as I believe they have immensely more experience in it then I do:

Online stores recommended by Ardupilot

Stores I have found and I hope I will order from are UnmannedTech UK and RadioControlled ROI as they seem to have couple interesting drones and parts. But I will let you know as if they will have too many things out of stock I could order from other.


Another way to buy a diy drone is to buy whole kit with flight controller like Erle copter but it’s especially when adding more parts can grown quickly to couple hundred of pounds.

Building own drone:

Last way is to build your own drone. Drone could cost a little bit more but will be equipment in parts that are ideal for your drone. But if don’t have much experience in drone architecture it might be better to purchase a low cost drone at the beginning. Then in the future build your own dream drone.

Let me know in the comments what you decide to purchase.

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