ESPlorer – probably best Lua editor

Hi Readers,

Today I would like to present you ESPlorer. If you read my previous post about LuaLoader. I believe that this is another tool which is worth to be used and learned by everybody who somehow starts his journey with ESP8266.


So first interesting thing I was surprised to see was Basic AT Commands Panel.


It contains common wifi commands which you can use to set up Station or Access point mode, HDHCP or not. You can simply query list of around WiFi networks (AT+CWLAP).


Second and the main feature is Lua editor. Basic, with nice syntax coloring.



You can of course save, compile, run and upload code. It also contains Commands panel which can restart your ESP8266 and do couple more things.



I didn’t spend much time using it as most of this what this tool offer I tried before with other or my own tools (ATManager on my Github repository). But if you are beginner or even you are not this is useful tool to control ESP8266 module plus offers everything we need to programmer ESP8266 with Lua programming language.


Also as you probable have noticed. There is Frankenstein tab. I am really curious what author of ESPlorer has in mind but it is not yet ready and we will need to wait.



Try it, test it and play with it. Really nice tool.


You can download it from here:


Github repository:


Be positive and stay calm!



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