Work plan. Work progress.

Today I would like to show you my work plan and ideas I had for my project. Also I will try to show you how important is planning your job even a little bit before you will start implementation.

In last couple days and especially on Sunday I was thinking about possible problems and technical limitation I could meet in next couple weeks. As an example the one major problem I have is more ideas and more tasks on my task list today then I will be able to do in next 10 weeks of #DajSiePoznac contest. My project plan and number of tasks in two days grown from couple small to the medium large system.

So what is the plan?

I am planning to create network of one coordinator and couple end-devices. To do that I will need to create basic protocol (or find pattern) which will be used for communication between devices. What is important it need to be robust. So whatever will happen network must be self-sufficient.

But how?

I have read about ESP8266 couple weeks ago and I have decided I want to try it. ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi chip with full TCP/IP stack which should be easy to use and if needed to program. Also it cost nothing. Seems to be a perfect choice.

How I will do it.

An idea is to create small applications using node.js and javascript. As a first stage two small application to simple test if node.js and javascript are right for my project. Why node.js? Nowadays on each programming or general IT website node.js was mention. So I have decided to try it and see if it is worth to use.

I have just started but what progress I am on. I have order couple ESP8266 modules, some cables, resistors and breadboards. One module from local shop and rest from aliexpress. First module is already in my hands but rest probably will be delivered in next two weeks.

Today I have recovered my raspberry pi from deep sleep with new fresh installation of Raspbian OS. Tomorrow I am planning to work on first node.js application and try to connect with ESP8266 module.


Github repository:

Be positive and stay calm!



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