The Bob. What’s that?

Today I would like to tell you more about my project and why I called it ‘The Bob’.

Why Bob? I don’t know really. And as I asked my fiancee she doesn’t know too. But ‘bob’ is our favorite word which we are using for almost everything. And what is most hilarious we always know for which object we just used it. As and example my xbox pad is a bob. Our car Polo is a bob, pineapple which we love is always named as bob on our shopping list. So I think this a reason we are calling bob thing we like or love. And as I am really excited about #DajSiePoznac contest I named my project as The Bob.

Okay, so we know the name but what’s this all about then?

For some time I wanted to have smart home. Use one or another technology of one or another brand. But it just cost too much. Even I could safe some money for same time and buy a system. But I believe that it is just wrong to pay 75$ for simple relay. Wireless relay but still basic one. Which probably I would need to use plenty around my home.

So I decided to do it on my own. But as I am full-time employed I had a problem to start it. Problem solved. As I mention I have registered myself in #DajSiePoznac contest. So now I am obligated in 10 weeks (about 50 evenings) post two post a day on my new blog about Bob. And develop working version of application I decided to do.

So The Bob. What is it?

It will be simple wireless control system used for my home automation. Communication between devices will base on ESP8266 wifi modules. They are budget modules which should be easy to use. Also they are supporting mesh networks which will be great for this type of project. Each system will be build from one coordinator (Master device) and many end-devices. ED which will be talking to Master Device as it will be a core part of whole system. I am planning to create a few different end-devices which will have varied tasks to do. So it will need to be done in most effective and efficient manner as possible. 

I know that this project wont be straightforward but I am sure it will give me a lot of fun. I can’t wait to start coding but before that there is something I should do. But I will write about it in my next post.


Github repository:







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